The 36th Tokyo Motor Show 2002.10.29

ACTY series commercial vehicles have a 25-year history. We wondered whether the ACTY series' practical functionality might not also be useful for leisure purposes, too. This concept is the basis for ACTY SPORT. The vehicle features integrated side panels, a pipe rack and heavy-duty roof lamps. ACTY SPORT's plastic panel cargo bay floor is equipped with tiedown hooks allowing cargo to be secured quickly and easily. Best of all, ACTY SPORT can easily be used to carry hobby gear, making it the ideal, practical leisure companion.
A perfect cargo space for packing gear and tools.
ACTY SPORT's plastic panel flooring strongly resists grease, dirt and water, so it provides a suitable stowage space for hobby gear and tools. Additionally, the stainless steel pipe rack is ideal for carrying long loads such as surfboards and the like.

Convenient rear panel winch and storage nets for small articles.
A winch is fitted to the rear panel to lighten work when loading heavier items such as a buggy. The pipe rack is equipped with a net for holding small articles such as soiled sports clothing and wetsuits on the way home.
Ladder rails for easy loading and unloading.
Ladder rails stow neatly on the inside of the two side panels. The rails make a handy ramp up to the cargo bed to facilitate loading and unloading of heavy items.
A bright, comfortable interior that creates a playful ambience.
The key color of the interior is an airy pale beige augmented with orange accents, creating a pleasurable space conducive both to work and leisure time activities.


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