The 36th Tokyo Motor Show 2002.10.29

Convention tells us that commercial vehicles are vehicles purely for work. But Honda envisages a new future for the commercial vehicle. We see the commercial vehicle as a tool for both work and leisure, with a wide range of possible uses. ACTY COMPO is such a vehicle, combining the exceptional functionality of a truck with a maximum load volume of approximately 4,700 liters, all in one package. During working hours, the trailer provides ample space for delivery of goods to offices, restaurants and other businesses. And after work, it becomes the ideal partner to carry equipment for outdoor and other leisure activities. ACTY COMPO offers the flexibility for enjoyment of a whole variety of activities-it's an entirely new breed of commercial vehicle that brings more enjoyment to work and leisure.
* As measured by Honda using VDA formula.
The trailer's left-side panel is an electrically operated wing providing a wide opening area to facilitate loading and unloading of cargo. Its interior size is more than just generous, it also contains a wide variety of utility features. With ACTY, one idea holds limitless possibilities for business and free time.
A new type of interior that caters to functionality and fun in equal measure
The interior provides excellent working comfort. Seats are embossed with the ACTY COMPO motif, and the instrument panel houses a large 8-inch screen which displays images for both the rear view camera that makes backing up easier, and the Honda navigation system.
Pop-up bed loop
When using ACTY COMPO solely as a truck, the bed loop pops up, acting as a replacement for the gate, to protect cargo.
Electric 4WS with 3rd axle steering
ACTY COMPO employs electric 4-wheel steering for tighter cornering capability. The system steers the third axle, minimizing the inner wheel differential to promote stable cornering.

Side panels can be mixed and matched to suit the application.
The trailer consists of a basic frame with large opening section for loading and unloading. Optionally available side panels include those with doors or windows, allowing selection according to work or leisure applications. And they can be swapped later, when the application changes.
Trailer interior utility for DIY arrangements
The ceiling is equipped with a power outlet rail offering 100V power supply and lighting. The walls are equipped to hold bolt-on storage pockets, cupholders and other utility items.
Versatile space arrangements to suit the size and shape of cargo
The rear split-level section of the trailer is equipped with removable panels that can be freely removed and replaced to match specific stowage requirements. The large panel can also be set at an angle to provide a ramp when the need arises.


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