The 36th Tokyo Motor Show 2002.10.29

Honda strives to offer fun and enjoyment to everyone through a rich variety of products.
Our dedication to the fun aspect of motoring remains unchanged whether we are building vehicles for business use or for leisure.
This belief is highlighted at this year's Tokyo Motor Show by the "Fun! for All" theme.
Honda vehicles are designed to bring attractive new values to users whether used for business or leisure.
In this way, we hope to contribute to the betterment of society.
Please take a good look at the commercial vehicles on display at the Honda booth, and experience for yourself the "Fun! for All" spirit these vehicles have to offer.

At the previous show, we presented our commercial vehicles under the theme "Anytime with Honda". We exhibited concept vehicles and gave presentations emphasizing that our vehicles not only fully meet environmental and safety requirements, but that they are also designed to bring enjoyment to their owners. We have further developed these ideas for this year's show. Based on the premise that commercial vehicles should provide fun and enjoyment so that people can work comfortably, we are staging a presentation entitled, "Honda's Smart Working Mobility." Our aim is to bring the utility characteristic of a commercial vehicle to leisure-time motoring, at the same time as we bring the comfort and style of a passenger car to the working world. In addition, we also aim to expand the ways in which our vehicles can be used, regardless of whether it's for work or play. We invite you to take a look at our concept vehicles and the exciting new possibilities they suggest, as well as the currently-available commercial and welfare vehicles we are showing. We also invite you to examine the "FCX", a fuel cell vehicle slated to enter the market during 2002. Defying conventional categories to bring driving enjoyment to all kinds of people all of the time: at the Honda booth you'll find numerous vehicles born from this philosophy-our proposals for commercial vehicles that make life more pleasurable.


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