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Hydrogen production and fueling stationsfor the hydrogen-powered society of the future
At Honda, we feel it is important that the entire process for making the hydrogen to power fuel cell vehicles, from production to storage and supply, should produce no CO2emissions. That is why, as a step toward the hydrogen-powered society of the future, we have initiated test operations of a hydrogen production and fueling station for fuel cell vehicles that uses solar energy to extract hydrogen from water. Using only solar energy, this station is capable of producing 5,700L* of hydrogen from water annually. In combination with conventional electric power, it can produce as much as 26,000L of hydrogen (max. 71L/day)*. The operation of this solar-powered test station will help verify more efficient production methods for renewable energy, while at the same time providing insight into the problems involved in developing practical hydrogen production and fueling stations for the future. At Honda, we are committed to continuing this important research.
*350 atmospheres
Hydrogen production and fueling station, located at Honda R&D Americas, Inc. Los Angeles Center in Torrance, California
Hydrogen production and fueling stationschematic
Honda's image of the society of the future...
Imagine a "home hydrogen stand" that provides a renewable source of energy for the home, with no CO2 emissions. Hydrogen will be produced from water at home using more efficient solar panels, then used to power cars and to supply household electricity via home-use fuel cells. At Honda, we imagine that this is what the future holds in store.


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