FCX 2002.12.2

The new challenge of shaping the future of mobility
Improved combustion technology for gasoline engines, electric cars, natural gas vehicles, hybrid vehiclesat Honda, we have always worked to develop cleaner powertrains. As part of this ongoing challenge, and faced with the need to find solutions to global warming, atmospheric pollution, depletion of fossil fuel resources, and other environmental problems, we turned to hydrogen as an energy source. Hydrogen is attractive not only in that it produces no CO2 or other harmful emissions, but also because it is not a fossil fuel. Our goal was to create a powertrain built around the fuel cell, which provides the ultimate in green performance by combining hydrogen and oxygen in a chemical reaction that produces electricity and only water as a byproductand not only that, but to install this powertrain in a fuel cell vehicle that exhibits superb energy efficiency, driving performance, comfort, and safety.

The powertrain utilizes a high-pressure, pure-hydrogen type fuel cell system in combination with Honda's own originally developed ultra-capacitor to power an electric motor drive. Besides eliminating emissions of CO2 and other harmful substances, we also applied a wealth of existing Honda technologies, including EV (electric vehicle) electric drive technology, NGV (natural gas vehicle) high-pressure gas storage technology, and advanced energy management technology used in our hybrid vehicle, to achieve greater energy efficiency. The result was a vehicle with a range, responsiveness, and power on par with that of a gasoline-engine vehicle.

We also put Honda's one-of-a-kind packaging technology to work to develop a custom platform that gives this fuel cell vehicle all the ease of use that people expect in a compact car. Giving full consideration to hydrogen's special characteristics, we created an efficient layout that locates the powertrain's many structural components in the front, under the floor, and behind the rear seat. This layout provides a spacious cabin with room for four adults in a compact body, while maintaining a high level of collision safety performance no matter what the crash direction.

The FCX fuel cell vehicle is the product of Honda's challenge to create a completely new type of automobile through technological advance and refinement. The age of hydrogen is upon us, and the possibilities are enormous.


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