FCX 2002.12.2

With the development of the CVCC engine in 1972, Honda was the world's first automaker to clear the seemingly insurmountable hurdle of the U.S. Clean Air Act, opening the door to an era of cleaner-running vehicles. Since then, we have continued to develop our own original technologies to meet our own high standards, leading the way in creating cars that are not only more environmentally friendly, but also safer and fun to drive.

Now, thirty years later, Honda is once again rising to the challenge, opening a new door that will change automotive history.

In response to pressing environmental problems including global warming, atmospheric pollution and resource depletion, we have been working to develop a new powertrain to replace the internal combustion engine. These efforts have resulted in the creation of an ultra-clean powertrain that uses hydrogen as an energy sourceour new fuel cell vehicle, the FCX.

One hundred years ago, in the era of the horse and buggy, the introduction of the automobile was a huge step forward in the field of mobility. Honda is convinced that the FCX represents an advance of equal significance for the 21st century.

At Honda, we want cars to be the stuff of dreams. That's what drives us. Our ongoing mission is to redefine the automobile, and to apply our original technology to help give shape to the future.

Hiroyuki Yoshino, President & CEO


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