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Rossi Honda’s solar PV system

Rossi Honda’s solar PV system

"Green Dealer" program continues to contribute to GHG reduction

American Honda's "green dealer" program helps encourage independently owned and operated Honda and Acura automobile dealers in the U.S. quantifiably to reduce their environmental impact.
The program gives Honda Environmental Leadership and Acura Environmental Leadership Awards to dealers who have significantly reduced their impact on the environment. The awards are based on a rigorous points system that incorporates relevant environmental improvement measures, as well as a demonstrated reduction in energy consumption.
In fiscal 2014, dealer enrollments increased nearly 600%, from 40 dealers to 238, while the number of award recipients increased from 19 to 29. In addition, Rossi Honda of Vineland, New Jersey, became the first dealer to achieve Electric Grid Neutral status. Rossi combined a 223 kW solar PV system with the addition of LED lamps on its parking lot light poles and the system now generates more than 100% of the dealership's annual electricity from solar power.

Two 1.7 MW wind turbines provide about 10% of the plant’s electrical needs

Two 1.7 MW wind turbines provide about 10% of the plant's electrical needs

Wind turbines begin providing renewable energy at Honda transmission plant in Ohio

In January 2014, Honda Transmission Manufacturing of America Inc., a Honda subsidiary that produces automobile transmissions, began operations of two 1.7 MW wind turbines on its property in Ohio. The wind turbines are operational year-round and, on average, provide approximately 10 percent of the plant's electrical needs.
Based on average electrical consumption in Ohio, these wind turbines could supply electricity to approximately 1,052 homes.1
The installation and operation of the turbines makes Honda the first automaker in North America to get a substantial amount of energy for one of its plants from wind turbines located on its own property.

1. per Public Utility Commission of Ohio data - average home in Ohio consumes 9600 kWh/year

South America

Introduction of a coastal ship-based system to motorcycle transportation reduces CO2 emissions.

Introduction of a coastal ship-based system to motorcycle transportation reduces CO2 emissions.

Implementing cabotage system to optimize transportation in Brazil

Moto Honda da Amazonia Ltda., a Honda motorcycle production and sales subsidiary in Brazil, transports 1.3 million motorcycles made in Manaus to all corners of Brazil, and 515 thousand tons of parts are transported from suppliers to the plant.
In order to optimize transportation and lower environmental impacts from logistics, the company has been developing environmental management systems together with partners.
A coastal ship-based system was implemented in 2012 at the company, taking advantage of the Brazilian geography, which favors the use of ships for transporting loads. This modality has enabled the company to cut the average CO2 emissions for each motorcycle transported by 12.5 kilograms. Currently, this modality comprises 18% of the total number of transported motorcycles, while the remainder is transported via roads and rivers.

Gold Seal earned in Brazilian GHG Protocol program

Gold Seal earned in Brazilian GHG Protocol program

Honda wins the Gold Seal in Brazilian GHG Protocol for 3 Years in a row

For the third consecutive year, Honda Automoveis do Brasil Ltda. (HAB), a Honda automobile production and sales subsidiary in Brazil, was granted the Gold Seal in the Brazilian GHG Protocol program. The program was created by the World Resources Institute (WRI) to quantify the greenhouse gas emission and is currently the most used methodology to prepare GHG emission inventories.2
The company was the first company in the automotive business to publish the inventory of CO2 emissions in the three scopes assessed (sources of direct emission, indirect for use of energy, and indirect for generation of customers and suppliers).
Moto Honda da Amazonia was presented the recognition for the first time and received the Bronze Seal based on its partial inventory of greenhouse gas emissions.

2. GHG inventory: An accounting or database of all greenhouse gases emitted and sequestered within a given geographical area and time frame, typically on a national and annual basis.

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