Environmental Frontrunner Yorii Automobile Plant Starts Production!

Yorii Automobile Plant

Saitama Factory's new Yorii Automobile Plant, the first Honda automobile assembly plant to be built in Japan in 23 years, started production on July 9, 2013. Specially engineered for building compact models such as the Fit and Vezel in partnership with the nearby Engine Plant (Ogawa-machi, Hiki-gun), the Yorii Automobile Plant is one of the world's most energy-efficient plants. As a global pioneer in sustainable manufacturing, its innovative production technologies make it one of only a few plants that serve as a launch pad for transmitting environmental technologies to Honda factories around the world.

green factory

To reduce environmental impacts from production, we focus on conserving energy and resources and achieving zero waste and emissions through our "green factory" initiative. The new Yorii Automobile Plant, one such green factory, has been equipped with a vast array of cutting-edge technologies to achieve these goals.

● Stamping: 40% higher production efficiency

High-speed servo stamping press

High-speed servo stamping press

Four high-speed servo stamping presses and a synchronized transport system for conveying workpieces between the presses make up the Yorii Automobile Plant's highspeed, high-throughput sequential stamping line. This line works at up to 20 continuous strokes per minute, twice the speed of conventional presses,1 realizing a 40% improvement in production efficiency.

● Welding: 70% lower CO2 emissions

Roller hemming method

Roller hemming method

Hemming, or the welding together of inner and outer panels to make closure parts such as doors, is carried out using a new roller hemming method. Using this method in place of large conventional hemming presses has saved space, lowered costs, and cut CO2 use by 70%.1

● Coating: Industry-first technology saves resources, cuts emissions

Honda S.E. Paint eliminated the need for a middle coat

Honda S.E. Paint eliminated the need for a middle coat

The introduction of a new proprietary coating technology called Honda Smart Ecological Paint (Honda S.E. Paint) and a wall-mounted painting robot system has shortened the coating process from the conventional 4-coat/3-bake method to a 3-coat/2-bake method.2 These innovations helped shorten the coating line by 40% and cut CO2 emissions by 40%.1

1. Relative to Saitama Factory's Sayama Automobile Plant in Japan.
2. For example, a 4-coat/3-bake process uses four coats of paint and three drying steps. Therefore, a 3-coat/2-bake process saves one paint coat and one drying step.

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