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HSL2511: the world's first snow blower with FI technology

  • HSL2511 two-stage snow blower (front)

    HSL2511 two-stage snow blower (front)

  • HSL2511 two-stage snow blower (back)

    HSL2511 two-stage snow blower (back)

  • HSL2511 control panel

    HSL2511 control panel

● World's first auger assist function

In November 2013, we released the HSL2511, the first snow blower in the world1 to incorporate fuel injection (FI) technology.
This two-stage snow blower employs the Honda Smart Auger System, which has three auger settings (auger assist, auger lift,and auger reset) that make heavy snow-throwing work simple and easy. The world-first2 auger assist function3, that canbe turned on and off with the flip of a switch, makes simple work of snow-clearing jobs that require more advanced techniques, such as clearing high banks of snow in a stepwise fashion. The model's new four-stroke V-twin engine, which includes a Honda-original electronic governor for regulating engine speed and electronic fuel injection (first in the world2 for a gasoline engine-powered snow blower), delivers high fuel economy and exceptional ease of starting and operation.

● Simple operation, powerful results

The adoption of a Honda-exclusive STR Governor and powerful new V-twin engine provide class-leading2 snow clearing performance of 140 tons per hour. Two operating modes provide different engine output characteristics depending on the situation: Standard mode uses powerful torque to achieve quick and easy snow removal, while Distance mode uses high speed, high output to throw snow higher and farther-in fact, as far as 26 meters, the farthest in this class.2 The HSL2511 also includes a teaching function, which features a speed guide monitor to help the operator adjust the driving speed and obtain the highest work efficiency in each mode.
At Honda, we develop snow blowers based on the philosophy that easier, more efficient operation not only reduces stress for users but also reduces energy use through shorter work times, thus shrinking our impact on the global environment.

Engine torque comparison between Distance and Standard modes

Engine torque comparison between Distance and Standard modes

*The engine is designed to provide much higher torque when the engine slows down, making operation easy.

Can throw snow faster and farther

Can throw snow faster and farther

● Pursuing reliability, comfort, and ease of use

The inclusion of FI eliminates the need for choke operation, providing smooth starts even in frigid temperatures and high fuel economy. This also made the carburetor obsolete, along with the associated need for altitude correction and after-use maintenance.

● Environmental performance

A new GX690H V-twin engine (displacement 688 cm3) not only delivers better practical fuel efficiency4 but also less noise5 and fewer emissions.

1. For petrol engine snow blower (Honda internal data, as of July 31, 2013)
2. Honda internal data, as of July 31, 2013
3. J-type only
4. Approximately 15% better compared to the previous model in the same class, despite 20 cm3 larger engine displacement
5. When operated in Standard mode

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