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■Energy diversification

EU9i GP propane gas-powered portable generator

Major features

  • ・ Sine wave inverter delivers stable supply of utility-grade electricity
  • ・ Two units operating in parallel can generate up to 1,800 VA
  • ・ Operable in temperatures from -15 °C to 40 °C
  • ・ Chokeless engine makes startup easy
  • ・ Super quiet (same noise level as the gasoline-powered EU9i)

Installation concept

Salad CG FFV300 butane gas-powered tiller

Major features

  • ・ Uses widely available, easy-to-use butane gas canisters
  • ・ No fuel clogs; smooth startup even after long-term storage
  • ・ Handle folds down without the use of tools for easy and compact storage
  • ・ Tills continuously for 55 min. (about 157 m2) in first gear5, 50 min. (about 490 m2) in second gear on one canister (250 g) of gas
  • ・ Low, central placement of a vertical shaft engine and forward placement of Honda's proprietary co-axial counterrotating tine drive system (Active Rotary System), the working part of the machine, makes deep tilling easy for first-time users

Energy diversification for power products provides such benefits as lower CO2 emissions during operation; easier purchasing, use, and storage of fuel; and reduced energy risk in emergencies. Honda believes in these objectives and actively supports energy diversification through the development of power products that use non-gasoline fuels. Following the release of butane gas-powered ENEPO EU9i GB generator and Pianta FV200 rotary tiller in 2009, we expanded our alternative energy lineup with the addition of two more gas-powered products in 2012.

● EU9i GP propane gas-powered portable generator
We developed a portable electric generator that can run on propane gas during power outages and other emergencies, and began deliveries of the product to LP gas equipment distributors in August 2012. The EU9i GP was developed based on the EU9i, an existing gasoline generator with a power inverter (rated output 900 VA), following the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and subsequent surge in Japanese consumer demand for emergency household generators. As the industry's first low-pressure propane gas1-powered generator2 with extended3 and easy operation, it uses propane gas, which is widely used in home appliances in Japan and is less likely than gasoline to degrade, and is easy to hook up.
The appliance uses propane gas already available in the home, making it that much easier to generate power when it is needed most. Our original sine wave inverter creates a steady supply of high-quality electricity on par with utility power, allowing users to charge their lighting apparatus, smart phones and other telecommunication devices and power their computers and televisions with peace of mind. The EU9i GP realizes a 15% reduction in CO2 emissions over gasoline generators of the same output and significantly lower exhaust emissions than the voluntary limits set by the Japan Land Engine Manufacturers Association4.

● Salad CG FFV300 butane gas-powered tiller
In March 2013, we began sales of the Salad CG FFV300, an easy-touse tiller that runs on widely used household gas canisters.
Based on the FF300 self-propelled gasoline tiller, the Salad CG FFV300 is made for customers with mid-size vegetable plots (100- 330 m2). As a step up from the entry-level Pianta FV200, it features a foldable handle for more convenient transport and storage, and offers the same superior tilling performance and operability of the FF300 while running on common household butane gas canisters, which are easy to purchase, use, and store. This allows for easy engine starting and fuel replacement, while simplifying fuel management and long-term storage.
By introducing the Salad CG FFV300, we aim to capture new demand in the home garden market by meeting the needs of home garden enthusiasts who wish to cultivate larger-sized.

  1. Gas pressure of 2.0 to 3.3 kPa as stipulated by the "Law Concerning the Securing of Safety and the Optimization of Transaction of Liquefied Petroleum Gas"
  2. First portable generator with a 1-kVA-class output capable of running on common propane gas (low-pressure LP gas) (Honda internal research)
  3. EU9i GP can run for approximately 100 hours on 50 kg of propane
  4. 68% less HC and NOx, 81% less CO (Honda internal research)
  5. Soil hardness 15-20 mm, tilling depth 10 cm, without attachment

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