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Besides personal mobility products, Honda also develops generators, tillers, outboard engines, lawn mowers, and other power equipment that enrich people's lives. We strive to improve the environmental performance of these products in order to help drive the transition to a low-carbon global economy.

Miimo robotic lawn mower

Sound power level

CO2 emission reduction benefit (Honda estimates)

■Miimo robotic lawn mower

● Sales in Europe begun in April 2013
Miimo, a robotic lawn mower developed for households in Europe, moves by itself in a random pattern over a pre-designated area until the entire lawn is cut.
Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, Miimo automatically mows the lawn on the owner's preselected day and time, cutting the grass into a fine mulch that acts as a natural fertilizer and eliminates the need to bag and dispose of clippings. With Miimo, owners can keep their lawn looking beautiful without wasting time and energy on mowing.
Miimo detects when its battery is running low and automatically returns to its charging station when it needs to recharge. Batterypowered motor propulsion and optimized blade speed made possible through the application of a blade disk with fan significantly reduces noise. It emits a sound power level far lower.32 dB(A) lower.than the conventional gasoline lawn mower, less than the sound of tree leaves rustling in the wind.
The high-performance lithium-ion battery is lighter and has a larger energy capacity than lead and nickel.metal hydride batteries, and since it degrades less over many hours of use, it has a longer replacement cycle and so is better for the environment. Miimo not only emits zero CO2, CO, HC, and NOx during operation, but also has dramatically lower life-cycle CO2 emissions, roughly 75% lower than that of a gasoline lawn mower of the same class1.

  1. Compared to the HRG415 based on the same lawn size. Electricity CO2 emission factor (410 g/kWh) is based on the IEA's "Energy Balance of OECD Countries 2010 Edition."

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