Honda is driving the market penetration of models and engines with advanced environmental performance, especially in the rapidly growing Asian region.

New Mid Concept series offers both enhanced riding and fuel efficient performance

NC700X, NC700S, and Integra

● Evolution of the New Mid Concept series

In January 2014, we announced and began sales of the NC750X, NC750S, and Integra, large sport motorcycles equipped with water-cooled, four-stroke overhead cam, straight two-cylinder 750-cc engines boasting powerful torque characteristics, easy handling, and outstanding fuel efficiency.
These three models are the next step in the evolution of the NC700X, NC700S, and Integra, the first New Mid Concept models released in 2011. The original series adopted fuel efficiency technologies from Honda automobiles to realize a 40% improvement in fuel economy compared to other engines in the same class. This time around, we improved fuel efficiency and added more features while also upsizing engine capacity. With this enhanced product appeal, we will aim to further increase the popularity of mid-size bikes with advanced environmental performance.

● Better fuel performance in a larger engine

To obtain more powerful output characteristics from the new engine installed in the New Mid Concept series, we increased displacement by expanding the cylinder bore by 4.0 mm.
This resulted in a 3-kW increase in max output and 7-N・m increase in maximum torque from the previous model. To support the increased cylinder volume, we switched from one balance shaft to two. We also adopted taller transmission gear ratios to boost fuel efficiency, up 1.0 km/liter from the previous model when tested at a constant speed of 60 km/h on a flat surface.
We view the New Mid Concept series as a way to raise the environmental performance of mid-size motorcycles worldwide, and will install this new engine in a growing number of models to realize further reductions in our global environmental impact.

Expansion and evolution of the eSP global engine for next-generation compact scooters

● eSP: Powering in nine models in more than 30 countries

Click with eSP (Thailand, etc.)

Click with eSP
(Thailand, etc.)

Global engine for next-generation compact scooters (cut-away model)

Global engine for next-generation compact scooters (cut-away model)

SH with eSP (Europe, etc.)

SH with eSP
(Europe, etc.)

The eSP, a global engine developed for a new generation of compact scooters, realizes 25% higher fuel efficiency than existing engines in the same class. Since releasing the engine in 2011, we've ramped up global sales of compact scooters fitted with the eSP for higher environmental performance, selling 2.08 million units in the two years since 2012.
We have also introduced a newly developed eSP engine for the 50-cc class to complement those in the 125-cc and 150-cc classes. This engine has been installed in nine models in more than 30 countries. Going forward, we will further refine this engine and expand its use to improve the environmental performance of compact scooters worldwide.

● Redesigned PCX fitted with improved eSP engine



In January 2014, we released a completely redesigned PCX and PCX150 in markets worldwide, including ASEAN countries, Europe, and North and South America. In addition to being powered by an improved eSP engine, these models also feature various body-related improvements that provide a further boost to fuel efficiency, including all LED lamps, which provide a 60% improvement in electrical efficiency, and a fuel-efficient rear tire boasting 20% less rolling resistance.

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