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●Super Cub 50 gets complete redesign

In May 2012, we announced the fully redesigned Super Cub 50, the most fuel-efficient road vehicle on the planet1. Based on a “new basic Cub” design concept, we sought to provide more advanced features and better utility at an affordable price.
The engine in the new Super Cub 50 is an air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke 50-cc engine with extensive use of low-friction technologies for increased efficiency. We improved handling significantly by boosting engine output while keeping fuel performance at 110 km/litter (tested at constant speed of 30 km/h), adopting a two-stage clutch system with a separate clutch assembly for starting and shifting gears, improving frame rigidity, lengthening the wheel base, and including an electric starter in all model variations.
We achieved a more affordable price for the Super Cub 50, produced by Sundiro Honda Motorcycle Co., Ltd. in China, by pursuing efficiency in all steps in operations from materials procurement through production.

●Noise reduction technologies

Motorcycles generate noise and vibration in all sorts of places. We have worked to reduce noise by analyzing these sources using stateof- the-art technologies. As a result, our products are as required by noise regulations in Japan.

Use more rigid materials
Increase volume, use multi-chamber structures
Increase volume, use more rigid materials for outer casings
Quiet drive chain, drive sprocket damper
Sound dampening rubber
  1. Honda internal research

The new Super Cub 50 features a new engine with a maximum output of 2.7 kW, up from the previous model’s 2.5 kW, and comes in five colors, including Pearl Harvest Green (top), Smart Blue Metallic (bottom left), and Virgin Beige (bottom right)

Sources of noise on a motorcycle and
noise reduction strategies by source

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