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■ Improving global environmental performance

● Lineup of eSP scooters expanded

Announced in 2011 and introduced to markets in such models as the Click 125i, Vario Techno 125, and PCX, the eSP next-generation global scooter engine, boasting 25% better fuel economy compared to conventional engines in the same class1, has been expanded to a growing line of models. In Vietnam the SH was released in June 2012, the Air Blade in December, and the Lead in April 2013. Sales of the SH were also begun in Europe in September 2012, and in Thailand in April 2013. The Lead is scheduled to go on sale this summer in Japan as well.
By continuing to apply this engine in other scooters produced around the world, we plan to increase the number of environmentally advanced scooters on a global basis.

● PGM-FI models expanded in Indonesia

Last year we pledged to install our fuel-saving PGM-FI electronic fuelinjection system in all motorcycles produced in Indonesia by 2013 yearend.
PGM-FI is a technology that electronically optimizes the amount of fuel injected into each cylinder, thereby allowing the bike to emit cleaner exhaust emissions while operating at maximum power and fuel performance.
This “all-FI declaration” anticipated Indonesia’s new emission standards for two-wheeled vehicles.
To meet this goal, we released in September 2012 the Beat-FI and in December the CBR150R. The FI adoption rate was 52% as of 2012 yearend.

● Flexible-fuel motorcycles lineup expanded in Brazil

In Brazil, we expanded our lineup of flexible-fuel motorcycles, machines that, by being able to run on a mixture of gasoline and environmentally responsible bioethanol, reduce CO2 emissions and fuel costs at the same time. Adding to our existing lineup of the CG150 Titan, CG150 Fan, Biz, and NXR150 Bros, we released the largercapacity CB300R and XRE300.

● New technical center completed in India

In January 2013, after finishing the installation of Honda’s first wind tunnel test chamber in India, we began full operation of a new motorcycle technical center housing the research and development, production (engineering), purchasing, and quality divisions of our motorcycle business.
The center, built on the property of Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (Private) Ltd.’s (HMSI) Manesar Plant, is now the workplace of some 200 associates gathered from HMSI and Honda R&D (India) Private Ltd. The facility was designed to promote collaboration and higher work efficiency, putting Honda in the best position to deliver good products to our Indian customers with speed, affordability, and low CO2 emissions.

  1. Honda internal data


Air Blade






The new technical center at HMSI’s Manesar Plant houses Honda’s first advanced wind tunnel test chamber for research and development in India

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