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In fiscal 2013, Honda strengthened its motorcycle lineup by expanding the application of two next-generation engines introduced the previous year, launched a new mid-size engine, and improved and expanded existing technologies to boost environmental performance worldwide.

■ Expanding application of next-generation global 700-cc engine

● New CTX cruiser series announced

In February 2013, we announced at the International Motorcycle Show in Chicago, Illinois, U.S., the CTX700N and CTX700, the first two models in the new CTX series, based on the development concept “Comfort Technology eXperience.”
CTX is a series of mid-size bikes developed in pursuit of technologies that provide superior comfort by all measures and give the rider more riding comfort, convenience, and excitement.
The engine in this series is a next-generation water-cooled fourstroke straight two-cylinder 700-cc engine, the same adopted in the NC700S, NC700X, and Integra models released in 2011. This environmentally responsible engine incorporates automobile fuel technologies for a 40% fuel efficiency improvement over conventional engines in the same class, while displaying powerful torque characteristics at low and medium rpm. By expanding the lineup of models that use this engine, we will seek to raise the environmental performance of our mid-size bikes worldwide.
The CTX700N and CTX700, produced at Kumamoto Factory in Japan, went on sale in the U.S. in February and April 2013, respectively, and are slated for a Japan release in summer 2013.

■ New two-cylinder 500-cc engine produced in Thailand

● First genuine mid-size sport bikes produced in ASEAN

At EICMA 2012, held in November 2012 in Milan, Italy, we announced the CBR500R, CB500F, and CB500X, three new sport bikes with a newly developed water-cooled straight two-cylinder 500-cc engine.
This series, launched as three distinct models to fit a variety of lifestyles while still incorporating the latest design trends, is the first set of genuine mid-size sport bikes to be produced in the ASEAN region, and was developed to target entry-level and downsizing users in developed countries and users in developing countries who are switching to a larger bike. The engine, with its reshaped ports and valves and other improvements, offers easy handling at low to midrange speeds as well as sporty performance at high speeds. Due to various friction-reducing enhancements, it also realizes class-leading fuel economy1 and exceptionally quiet operation. The inclusion of a PGM-FI electronic fuel injection system, HECS3 exhaust system combining a three-way catalytic converter and O2 sensor2, and an air induction system results in super clean exhaust.
The CBR500R, CB500F, and CB500X, produced in Thailand, went on sale in Thailand, Europe, and the U.S. in December 2012. Sales of a smaller, 400-cc model, produced at Kumamoto Factory and designed for the Japanese market, also began in Japan.

  1. Honda internal research
  2. Device that detects oxygen in exhaust gas to monitor the state of fuel combustion in the engine.

Naked-style CTX700N

CTX700 with cowling

CBR500R with full cowling (top), naked-style CB500F (bottom left), and crossover-concept CB500X (bottom right)

Newly developed water-cooled straight two-cylinder 500-cc engine featured in the first genuine mid-size sport bikes built in ASEAN

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