Next-Generation Technology

Honda is developing next-generation technologies that will enable comprehensive management of personal mobility products and energy generation systems.

Honda Smart Home System: High living comfort and low emissions at the same time

Honda Smart Home System: High living comfort and low emissions at the same time”

Honda's double-loop model links energy and next-generation personal mobility technologies

● Integrating personal mobility with energy generation technologies

Comprehensive management and optimization of energy supply and demand is crucial to achieving our mission to realize "the joy and freedom of mobility and a sustainable society where people can enjoy life." This applies not only to the energy used by mobility products but also energy used by households and entire communities.
To make this happen, we're developing devices that will make up what we call the Honda Smart Home System, a system focused on using ICT technologies to link nextgeneration personal mobility devices, mainly electric vehicles, with local electric grids and distributed energy generation equipment.

● Honda Smart Home System

At the heart of Honda Electric Mobility Synergy is the Honda Smart Home System (HSHS).
This energy management system comprehensively controls household energy to achieve the highest efficiency and lowest CO2 emissions. It also enables individual homes to be energy self-sufficient during emergencies such as during power outages and natural disasters.
Since April 2012, we've been pilot testing the HSHS in Japan. The results of these tests will be used to develop, by 2015, technologies that help achieve a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions (compared to 2000 levels) from household and vehicle energy use. Ultimately, we are aiming to completely eliminate household CO2 emissions.

■ Energy flow in HSHS

・EVs and FCEVs stand in for home battery units.

*EVs and FCEVs stand in for home battery units.

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