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Testing Honda Smart Homes around the world

● Test house built in Saitama City, Japan in three-company partnership

Duplex test house built in Saitama City

Duplex test house built in Saitama City

Sekisui House, Ltd., Toshiba Corporation, and Honda have built a new demonstration test house in the city of Saitama and begun verifying the use of advanced energy management technologies in new styles of living. The house features technologies that enable comprehensive control of IT, personal mobility, and other devices, as well as the supply and demand of energy used in the home, for mobility, and within the local community.
Occupied by real tenants during testing, the test home is a duplex-style house that allows the sharing of energy resources, such as electricity and hot water, between households; for example, one household can use surplus electricity generated by the solar panels while other household members are out during the day.
Through various technical innovations and initiatives—such as a contact-less charger for cordless EV charging, vehicle-to-home and vehicle-to-community electricity supply applications, and the designing of living spaces that facilitate use of personal mobility devices—Honda will work with Sekisui House and Toshiba to refine, in a real-world environment, technologies that support lifestyles of the future.

● Honda Smart Home US built in California, U.S

 Honda Smart Home US built in California, U.S

Test house built on the campus of the University of California,Davis

In California, we built and opened the Honda Smart Home US (HSH US), a demonstration test house featuring a home energy management system (HEMS1) independently developed by American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
HSH US was fully furnished and equipped with household appliances, as well as a Fit EV battery electric vehicle for commuting, to enable testing by occupants.
The house generates more electricity from renewable sources than it consumes in a year, including the energy needed to charge the Fit EV for daily commuting.
It is also extremely efficient: it uses less than half the energy for heating, cooling, and lighting than a similarly sized home in the area, and uses a third of the water consumed by the average American household.2

1. Home Energy Management System
2. Honda internal data

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