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Honda is developing next-generation technologies that will pave the way to new and exciting integration between electric personal mobility products and energy generation systems - a development schemeconcept called "Honda Electric Mobility Synergy."

■ Our vision of next-generation electric personal mobility and energy generation

● Honda Electric Mobility Synergy

Comprehensive management of the supply and demand of energy used for personal mobility and daily living is essential to achieving our mission to realize "the joy and freedom of mobility and a sustainable society where people can enjoy life." To make this happen, we need to expand and strengthen our introduction of next-generation personal mobility products - particularly electric products - and energy generation systems, and develop advanced information and communication technologies to link them together.
Seeing the integration of home and mobility products.a concept we have named "Honda Electric Mobility Synergy".as the way of the future, we are conducting research and development to create and improve the devices that will make up such networks.

HSHS devices at the demonstration test home in Saitama (Smart e Mix Manager, gas-engine cogeneration unit, home battery unit)

Fleet of demonstration-version personal mobility devices (from left: plug-in hybrid vehicle, EV-neo scooter, electric vehicle, Monpal ML200 4-wheel scooter)

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