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■Environmental data in Japan

Average automobile fuel efficiency in Japan (FY2001=100)

Average fuel efficiency of vehicles that comply with the FY2013 standards, classified by weight

Sales results for low-emission vehicles

In fiscal 2013, 679,112 vehicles, or 95% of all Honda passenger cars sold, met low-emission certification criteria.

HC and NOx emissions from Honda vehicles in Japan1 (FY2001=100)

1. Excluding emissions from light and heavy-duty trucks.

In fiscal 2013, we reduced HC emissions by 87.0% and NOx emissions by 82.4% from fiscal 2001 levels.

Percentage of vehicles with eco-driving support systems

We equip many of our models with tools for helping drivers apply fuel-efficient driving techniques. In addition to fuel economy meters and other eco-driving support systems, we have been installing our Ecological Drive Assist (Eco Assist)2 system in a growing number of vehicles. This system is designed to help drivers improve their fuel efficiency by providing real-time feedback on their car operation and also optimally controlling air conditioning and other systems. In fiscal 2013, eco-driving support systems were installed in 99.0% of Honda passenger cars sold in Japan, with 75.1% of vehicles featuring an Eco Assist system.

  1. The Eco Assist system works in multiple ways. In "Econ" mode, priority is given to fuel economy, and the vehicle automatically controls the engine, motor, CVT, and air conditioning system to effectively improve fuel efficiency. It also includes a coaching function, which changes the background color of the speedometer according to how efficiently acceleration and braking are applied, and a coaching function that shows the driver's eco-driving score.

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