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■Alternative energy deployment

● FCX Clarity fuel cell electric vehicle

In March 2012, working in collaboration with Saitama Prefecture and Iwatani Corporation under commission by Japan's Ministry of the Environment, we installed Japan's first solar-powered hydrogen station1 at the Saitama Prefectural Office near Tokyo. We also delivered an FCX Clarity fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) for the prefecture's use as a government vehicle and are currently verifying its ease-of-use as well as its effectiveness in reducing CO2 emissions and helping to move Japan toward a low-carbon economy.
The high-pressure electrolyzer we developed for our new solar hydrogen station has eliminated the need for the compressor used in the previous system by integrating the electrolysis and compression processes, and can produce approximately 1.5 kilograms of hydrogen in 24 hours with less noise and in less space than the original unit. The FCX Clarity, meanwhile, is capable of supplying enough electricity to satisfy the electricity needs of the average Japanese household for approximately six days, and can be used as a mobile source of power in emergencies.
Viewing fuel cells as the ultimate clean-energy solution, we have been proactively developing technologies to support alternatives to fossil fuels, reduce emissions, and lessen the impacts of mobility and energy use on the global climate.

1. Honda internal research

■Noise reduction technologies

● Reducing acceleration noise

Honda is also actively working to reduce vehicle noise. To reduce noise from major sources during acceleration, a particularly large component of car noise, we are redesigning related components in the engine, air intake and exhaust systems, and tires. The N-ONE mini-vehicle, released in Japan in November 2012, incorporates the following technologies to achieve an exceptionally low level of noise (regulatory limit: 76 dB [A]).

Engine noise reduction technologies

・ Lightweight, high-rigidity cylinder block
・ Lightweight, high-rigidity crankshaft
・ Aluminum sump with integrated stiffener
・ Bonnet hood insulator
・ Front inner fender insulator
・ Engine compartment underbody cover

Air intake noise and radiated sound reduction technologies

・ High-rigidity air filter box
・ High-rigidity resonator chamber

Exhaust noise and radiated sound reduction technologies

・ Noise-canceling chamber
・ Double-layer silencer
・ Double-layer converter heat cover

An FCX Clarity FCEV receives hydrogen from a solar hydrogen station installed at the south entrance to the Saitama Prefectural Office

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