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■Fit EV leasing begun in Japan

● Super efficient Fit EV built on uncompromising pursuit of efficiency

Leveraging technologies we have been cultivating in the research and development of hybrid and fuel cell electric vehicles, in August 2012 we began leasing in Japan the Fit EV, a model designed to extract the most benefit and enjoyment from pure-electric propulsion. When tested using the JC08 cycle, the Fit EV achieved an exceptional battery-to-wheel efficiency of 106 Wh/km1 and a 225-km cruising range per charge.

<Newly developed electric servo brake system>

We developed an electric servo braking system to maximize the amount of energy recaptured from the start of deceleration to just before stopping. The system also helps realize a smoother braking feel and enhanced regeneration performance.

<First to employ HFO-1234yf refrigerant in Japan2>

The Fit EV is the first vehicle in Japan to use in its air conditioner HFO-1234yf, a new refrigerant with 1/350th the global warming potential3 of the conventional refrigerant, HFC-134a.

<First Honda vehicle to employ Bio-PET>

Bio-PET, a fabric made using sugar cane-derived material without impacting food supplies, is used for the seat and door trim.

Around 200 units of the Fit EV are planned to be leased to municipalities and corporations in Japan over a two-year period

Bio-PET fabric is used for seat and door trim

Small front grille (left) and streamlined underbody (right)

<Sedan-level drag coefficient>

Capitalizing on another advantage of EVs.their motors generate less heat than gas engines.the Fit EV was made with a significantly smaller front grille, which is used for cooling. A flatter underbody surface and smoother rear bumper also enhance aerodynamic performance, leading to better energy efficiency.

  1. Calculated based on the cruising distance and the amount of AC electricity needed to recharge the vehicle after driving. The efficiency rating and range mentioned here were determined using driving conditions set in the U.S. Actual performance may vary depending on driving conditions, driving style, and other factors.
  2. Honda internal research (as of August 2012)
  3. A measurement of how much heat a greenhouse gas traps in the atmosphere compared to the same mass of CO2. CO2 is assigned a global warming potential of 1.

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