New VTEC Turbo line of turbocharged direct-injection engines

New VTEC Turbo line of turbocharged direct-injection engines

This engine makes the most of our proprietary VTEC system, a high-output turbocharger, direct injection, and a highperformance cooling system to realize high power output and high responsiveness. It delivers a maximum power output of more than 205 kW and a high environmental performance compliant with EURO 6, European emission regulations that will come into force in September 2014.

New VTEC Turbo line of turbocharged direct-injection engines

This next-generation compact engine features a newly designed framework and VTEC variable valve timing system with radically reduced friction, combined with direct-injection technology and a high-response turbocharger with a low moment of inertia. These technologies offer a superior combination of fuel economy and power output and torque, both of which exceed that of conventional, naturally aspirated engines.

● Class-leading power and environmental performance

Honda has developed VTEC Turbo, a new series of directinjection gasoline turbo engines in our Earth DreamsTechnology series.
These engines, adapted for compact and medium-sized cars, take advantage of our proprietary VTEC system and the increased output provided by direct-injection and a turbocharger along with highly fluidized combustion to allow for reduced engine displacement.
Rigorous friction-reduction measures also provide class-leading power and environmental performance. Sized in three classes-2.0, 1.5, and 1.0 liters-the engines will be increasingly deployed worldwide, with each engine selected to match the vehicle it powers as well as local market needs.

N-WGN and N-WGN Custom extend popularity of the N series



● Raising the bar on the "basic" mini-vehicle

In November 2013, we released the N-WGN and N-WGN Custom, the fourth installment in our popular N series of minivehicles.
The N-WGN, developed with the aim of setting a new standard for the "basic" mini-vehicle, offers better comfort, safety, fuel economy, design, and driving performance than ever before. A comfortable interior and great features such as Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA), which helps prevent the loss of vehicle control, come standard on all types, while a newly developed engine and CVT provide smooth, stress-free driving and a high fuel economy of 29.2 km/liter1(JC08 test cycle). The adoption of a lightweight yet rigid body and dedicated suspension system facilitate stable driving performance and quiet operation.

● Twin injection system

Twin injection system atomizes fuel and distributes the air-fuel mixture more evenly

Twin injection system atomizes fuel and distributes the air-fuel mixture more evenly

For the first time in a mini-vehicle, the N-WGN employs a twin injection system, a system that uses two fuel injectors per cylinder instead of one. This system mixes fuel and air more evenly, leading to improved drivability and fuel economy.

● Sodium-filled exhaust valves help suppress knocking

Sodium-filled exhaust valves help suppress knocking

The N-WGN engine employs sodium-filled exhaust valves-the first time in a Honda passenger vehicle. These valves transport and dissipate heat more efficiently than conventional valves, lowering the surrounding temperature and suppressing engine knocking.

1. Testing of the N-WGN G, N-WGN G A Package, N-WGN Custom G, and N-WGN Custom G A Package (FWD vehicles) by the Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

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