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Dongfeng Honda's second plant demonstrates environmental leadership in Chinese industry

Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co., Ltd. (Dongfeng Honda), a Honda automobile production and sales joint venture in China, completed construction and began operation of a second plant in July 2012. With an annual production capacity of 100,000 units, the second plant brings Dongfeng Honda's total production capacity to 340,000 units per year, when combined with the first plant's 240,000 units.
The second plant boasts industry-leading environmental performance in China, emitting 20% less CO2 than the original plant, and featuring numerous innovations including the world's first height-adjustable conveyor system for vehicle assembly, a shortened coating process with remarkably lower CO2 emissions, and Honda's first engine assembly line with full parts-set delivery1.

Dongfeng Honda's second plant, located four kilometers northeast of its existing plant in Wuhan, Hubei province

Honda announces new five-year tree-planting project in Inner Mongolia

Honda has been planting trees as a responsible corporate citizen of China since 2000. For the five years from 2008 to 2012, some 1,200 associates planted 700,000 saplings across 467 hectares in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.
In 2013, we announced a new five-year joint tree-planting project, increasing the number of participating joint ventures from 14 to 16. Employing the slogan, "The future moves with us," Honda aims to promote a greener future through associate volunteering and contribute to the sustainable development and environmental advancement of Chinese society.

Associates who participated in the first tree-planting project and the planted field


Honda Environment website recognized in Kankyo-goo (Eco-goo) Awards

The Environment section of the Honda Worldwide website received the Global Warming Measures Award in the Corporate Category of the 12th Kankyo-goo (Eco-goo) Awards. The awards are presented by NTT Resonant Inc., which operates the largest environmental information website in Japan, Kankyo-goo, to recognize and commend companies, governmental institutions, organizations, and individuals that contribute to environmental conservation and social progress through effective Web-based communication.
Honda Environment website drew acclaim for presenting information in a way that encourages individual action by stakeholders. The documentary-like feel of Honda Face, which focuses on how associates at Honda research institutes and factories are tackling environmental issues, struck a chord with the judges and contributed to Honda winning the award.

Honda's Environment website was among 11 websites selected for the award.

Hamamatsu Factory receives Hamamatsu City's Top Runner Grand Prize

The energy conservation activities at Hamamatsu Factory were selected for Hamamatsu City's Top Runner Grand Prize for Alternative Energy and Energy-Conservation Initiatives in fiscal 2012. Business entities that own offices in Hamamatsu City apply for the recognition, providing examples of activities matching 29 items specified by the city. A panel of academia and other experts discuss and decide on the winners. The prize Hamamatsu Factory received was in Environmentally Friendly Offices of Major Firms category.
Hamamatsu Factory was highly commended for its ongoing environmental initiatives including installation of solar panels with a total generation capacity of 430 kW, introduction of high-efficiency equipment such as LED lighting and ceiling cassette air-conditioners, and energy-saving architectural solutions using clerestory windows and skylights.

Awards ceremony held in the Hamamatsu City mayor's office on March 15, 2013

1. Read more about Dongfeng Honda's environmental initiatives in CASE 25 of "Environmental Documentary Honda Face." (

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