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Honda discloses information on the emissions treatment, waste disposal, environmental management, remediation and prevention as well as the overall environmental efficiency of our business in order to advance environmental management on a practical level and realize our environmental vision. These data serve not only as an indicator of corporate value for external stakeholders but also as a reference for making administrative management decisions regarding environmental initiatives.
As a result, for fiscal 2013 we are disclosing the environmental conservation expenditures that were recorded in Japan in the format suggested by the GRI Guidelines1, which is the same format used in FY 2012 to disclose automobile R&D expenditures in North America. These changes have been made in an effort to improve the accuracy of data collected from our operating sites worldwide and to determine an appropriate method for disclosing sustainability information from our global operations.

● Environmental conservation expenditures in Japan

  1. International guidelines issued by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) to promote concrete action for environmental, social, and economic progress. At the end of this report is an index specifying the pages in this report where the general standard disclosures and environmental performance indicators required by the guidelines can be found.

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