Pursuing the Honda Environmental and Safety VisionDirection

Triple Zero: Toward a zero-impact society

■ Giving shape to the Honda Environmental and Safety Vision

● Triple Zero: The ultimate zero-impact society

In order to realize the Honda Environmental and Safety Vision - our vision for the future - we are engaging with climate change, energy and resource issues through our technology and business activities, with the aim of creating a zero-impact society. As a specific model for this, Honda has announced the Triple Zero concept.

<Zero CO2 emissions through renewable energy>

In response to climate change, our long-term goal is to deploy solar power and other renewable energy systems to bring well-to-wheel1 CO2 emissions down to zero. To get there, we will develop the technologies needed to reduce and eliminate emissions, while at the same time steadily reducing product life-cycle emissions and emissions from business activities through a range of initiatives including product fuel-efficiency improvements and increasing efficiency in product transportation.

<Zero energy risk>

In response to energy issues, our long-term goal is to achieve zero energy risk by becoming energy self-sufficient through the use of solar-powered hydrogen stations, and by raising the efficiency of environmental management through innovations in energy management technologies. To get there, we will reduce energy risk by cutting energy use through product fuel efficiency improvements, and by diversifying energy sources through the deployment of hybrid and other electromotive technologies.
Progress in this area will also lead to reduced risk for Honda's business activities.

<Zero waste>

In response to resource problems, our aim is to completely close the loop for all resources and bring product life-cycle waste down to zero. We will do this by developing technologies to shift away from using precious resources, by developing and perfecting reduction, reuse, and recycling (3R) technologies, and by reducing water resource use.
By reducing and eliminating the use of hazardous chemicals as well as waste, we will strive to eliminate all materials from our products and business activities that have an adverse effect on human health and the environment.

1. Well-to-wheel: Typically, all steps from extracting petroleum resources to their use as fuel in a vehicle. It can also refer to the life cycles of non-petroleum energy resources, from generation to their final use in propelling a vehicle.

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