Pursuing the Honda Environmental and Safety Vision

Reducing environmental impacts from business activities

● Reducing impacts across product life cycles

In order to realize our Triple Zero concept―to reduce to zero all environmental impacts stemming from our products―we need to minimize environmental impacts throughout the life cycles of our products. This means not only reducing impacts that occur during use, through improved fuel efficiency and the use of electromotive technologies, but also lowering impacts that arise from raw material procurement, product transportation,disposal of end-of-life products, and so forth. Based on this concept, we are striving to reduce en vironmental impacts in every domain of our operations. In Japan, for instance, we categorize business activities into eight domains and consider all factors in each domain that impact the environment. Each domain sets its own policies and targets to reduce impacts, and implements measures to achieve them

Eight domains of business activities in Japan Reduce environmental impacts from business activities in Japan

■ Global initiatives

We strive to reduce the environmental impacts of our business activities worldwide. As in Japan, we categorize overseas business activities into several domains and set each region's policies and targets for reducing product life-cycle impacts based on market characteristics and other local conditions. Each region's initiatives are reported in its own regional annual environmental report. The domains of each region's business activities in fiscal 2014 are shown below.

Global initiatives

1. The aim of zero emissions initiatives is to reduce waste and substances of concern as near as possible to zero.

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