Progress in Meeting Environmental Targets

Mid-term plans for environmental initiatives (FY2012-FY2014)

● Three-year plans updated for FY2015

Honda renews its business and sales-related plans every three years, a period designated as a mid-term. We follow this process for environmental initiatives as well, setting new plans and actions to reduce impacts from our products and business activities at the start of every mid-term.

● Close of the current mid-term

Fiscal 2014 was the final year of the mid-term that began in fiscal 2012, bringing the three-year plan we created for environmental initiatives during that period to a close. Overall, we accomplished everything in the plan. We will continue in the next mid-term to make steady progress in reducing the environmental impacts of our products and business activities.

Product-related environmental initiatives and results (FY2012-FY2014)

Milestones on the road to 2020 Mid-term plans for product-related environmental initiatives (FY2012 - FY2014)
Climate change and energy Achieve global targets for reducing average product CO2 emissions, with the end goal of steadily reducing product life-cycle emissions over the long term 1 Achieve best-in-industry fuel efficiency and accelerate technology penetration:
Motorcycles: Expand use of electronic fuel-injection (PGM-FI) and low-friction engines, especially in commuter vehicles
Automobiles: Phase in upgrades to engine and transmission lineups, starting in 2012
Power Products: Expand application of new electronic self-tuning regulator (STR) governor technology, developed for the IGX engine
2 Establish and deploy next-generation electromotive technologies:
Motorcycles: Launch electric motorcycles that meet local needs in developed countries (Japan:loaned) and emerging countries (China)
Automobiles: Launch multiple models (especially compact vehicles) equipped with IMA hybrid technology in Japan; currently developing mid-size and larger plug-in hybrid and battery electric vehicles, with plans to launch products in Japan and the U.S. and commence production in China in 2012
Power Products: Improve electric lawnmowers and expand lineup through additional model, especially in Europe
Market new products to reduce CO2 emissions from mobility and other products 3 ・Launch new thin-film solar cell modules with world's highest module conversion
 efficiency and deploy technology globally
・Conduct demonstration testing of next-generation personal mobility systems
 in cities in Japan, the U.S. and China
・Through joint-implementation of the E-KIZUNA Project with Saitama City, Japan,
 conduct demonstration testing of the Honda Smart Home System (HSHS) with
 an aim to cut household CO2 emissions by 50% from 2000 levels by 2015
Material and water resources Ramp up 3R efforts 4 Products: Continue to promote structural design with an emphasis on weight reduction; higher throughput yields; easier
recycling and maintenance; and sustainable design with an emphasis on easily recycled materials and use of recycled resins
Substances of concern Reduce exhaust emissions 5 Steadily reduce exhaust emissions to comply with tighter emissions regulations in various countries
More strictly manage substances of concern used in products 6 ・Promote management of substances used in products and find alternatives to
 substances of very high concern
・Operate global management systems for substances used in products to comply
 with applicable regulations in various countries
Product-related environmental initiatives and results (FY2012-FY2014)
Results of FY2014 initiatives
Climate change and energy 1 Motorcycles
・Launched the Grom motorcycle powered by an air-cooled four-stroke OHC 125-cc single-cylinder engine
 featuring electronic fuel-injection and low-friction technologies (offset cylinder, roller rocker arm)
 delivering exceptional fuel performance (May 2013)
・Launched the Sh mode, a stylish fuel-efficient scooter that employs a water-cooled four-stroke OHC
 125-cc single-cylinder engine with electronic fuelinjection and an idle stop system (August 2013)
・Launched an all-new Fit powered by a new Earth Dreams Technology powertrain that provides
 class-leading fuel efficiency (September 2013)
・In indonesia, launched the Brio Satya equipped with a 1.2-liter four-cylinder i-VTEC engine that delivers
 class-leading power output and outstanding fuel efficiency (September 2013)
・Developed the new VTEC Turbo line of turbocharged direct-injection engines, providing class-leading
 power performance and exceptional fuel economy in the same machine (November 2013)
Power Products
・Unveiled in the U.S. the EU7000is, Honda's first inverter generator to incorporate fuel injection (FI)
 technology, which runs longer thanks to a 20% improvement in fuel efficiency (January 2014)
2 Motorcycles
・Continued leasing the EV-neo electric scooter
・Continued sales of the Kushi, an electric bicycle for the Chinese market
・Launched the Accord Hybrid with a Sport Hybrid i-MMD hybrid system ( June 2013)
・Also began leasing in Japan a limited number of units of the Accord Plug-in Hybrid to individual
 customers in December 2013, following the start of leasing in the U.S.
・Launched an all-new Fit Hybrid equipped with a Sport Hybrid i-DCD hybrid system (1.5-liter Atkinson
 cycle engine, high-output built-in motor, sevenspeed DCT, and lithium-ion battery) offering the highest
 fuel efficiency in Japan (September 2013)
Power Products
・Continued sales of Miimo, a robotic lawn mower equipped with a lithium-ion battery, in the European
 market (April 2013)
3 ・Delivered FCX Clarity fuel cell electric vehicle with external power supply capability to Kitakyushu city,
 Japan and initiated demonstration testing in V2H application (April 2013)
・Began test-driving the MC-β micro EV using renewable energy-powered chargers (January 2014)
・Opened the Honda Smart Home US in the U.S., offering Honda's vision for zero-carbon living and
 mobility (March 2014)
Material and water resources 4 ・Established a parts-to-parts recycling scheme to reuse components other than rare earths from
 disassembled nickel metal hydride batteries as components for new products (April 2013)
・Reused rare earths extracted from used nickel?metal hydride batteries from hybrid vehicles in the
 manufacture of new hybrid vehicle motors (June 2013)
Substances of concern 5 ・Made steady progress in reducing exhaust emissions to comply with tighter emissions regulations in
 various countries
6 ・Continued to promote management of substances used in products and employ alternatives to
 substances of very high concern
・Continued to operate global management systems for substances used in products to comply with
 applicable regulations in various countries and reduce risk

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