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Fiscal 2013 in review

Thank you for your informative description of each region. Next, what were the most important events that happened in your region in fiscal 2013, on both the business and environmental fronts?

●Iwamura: North America launched in April 2012 a Green Dealerprogram for Acura dealers and Honda automobile dealers in theU.S. The program is meant to encourage a stronger commitmentto environmental conservation by awarding silver, gold, orplatinum status to dealers based on their environmental effortsand achievements. By the end of fiscal 2013, 40 dealers wereawarded, and we plan to increase this to 100 dealers by the endof fiscal 2014. We also established a partnership with a companyto lease solar equipment to our customers dealers to encourage them to installsolar. In production, our transmission plant in Ohio announced inJanuary 2013 plans to develop and begin operation of a wind farmby the end of 2013. The wind farm is expected to cover about 10%of the plant's electricity needs.

●Takedagawa: In South America, we held two regional environmental committee meetings where we discussed environmental performance at production sites in each country and exchanged ideas for improvement. An increasing number of sites are using smart meters and switching from liquid paint to powder coat. Fuel-efficient products were released, including the Civic and CR-V, both equipped with Eco Assist, and the PCX150 scooter with an idling stop system. In transportation, we worked to reduce both cost and CO2 emissions by increasing the number of motorcycle units per land shipment and by shifting to marine transport.

●Nishimae: In Europe, we were excited to introduce a small, 1.6-liter diesel engine.which was a highly anticipated component business-wise.in the Civic, which also marked the debut of Earth Dreams Technology in the region. In spring of last year we started demonstrating a new electric scooter in Barcelona, Spain, and we also released a robotic lawn mower under the name Miimo. We're making continued efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, for example by installing solar panels at plants and parts warehouses, and by searching for more efficient routes and modes of transport within the complex European distribution system.

●Kobayashi: Asia & Oceania posted spectacular business results in fiscal 2013. Automobile sales volume exceeded prior year results by a wide margin in all countries and set a new all-time record for the region. Thailand, India, Indonesia, and a few other countries posted their own record sales. A new power product sales record was also set for the region. Environmentally, we've been pushing hard to reduce CO2 emissions from product use, for example by expanding our lineup of electronic fuel injection-equipped motorcycles in Indonesia and raising fuel efficiency levels for new motorcycle models in Thailand and India. For automobiles, we began local production of hybrid vehicles in Thailand and Malaysia.

●Kuraishi: China saw its second consecutive year of declining automobile sales. This was largely due to impacts from the disaster in Japan and flooding in Thailand two years ago, and the Senkaku Islands issue last year. To promote the popularization of hybrid vehicles, we introduced the Insight, CR-Z, and ILX hybrid, and set the stage for full-scale adoption of eco-cars by hosting test-drive events and demonstrating the Fit EV in Guangzhou. Contrastingly, we succeeded in expanding our share of the motorcycle and power equipment markets. In production, Dongfeng Honda launched a second plant and Guangqi Honda a third production line, both of which were designed for better environmental performance and associate comfort, by recycling waste heat and using more natural light in offices, among other improvements.

●Minekawa: Japan achieved a significant increase in automobile sales in 2012, the driving force behind which was the release of the first mini-vehicle in Japan to feature an Earth Dreams Technology powertrain. We also worked on expanding our hybrid lineup, and the customer response to these efforts showed us that environmental awareness and the demand for better fuel efficiency is getting stronger and stronger. We also increased solar generation capacity at Honda dealers and added a web page showing in real time how much solar electricity is being generated at Honda operating sites and dealerships, which is a major step forward in communicating effectively with our stakeholders in Japan. These achievements will form the basis for company efforts in fiscal 2014.

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