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About the Honda Environmental Annual Report

● A regional approach to business and the environment

Guided by a philosophy of building products close to the customer, Honda has manufacturing operations in six regions worldwide. In fiscal 2014, these activities brought joy to people worldwide through the sale of roughly 27 million products.
To continually create competitive products that anticipate customer needs in all six regions, we've shifted to a new global operational structure that gives each region more autonomy for doing its job. This also applies to environmental management: Each region is now implementing initiatives it deems most effective for meeting local environmental laws and standards and tackling local challenges.

● Global report and six regional reports

For reporting on the environmental activities across our global organization, we've broken down our annual environmental report into one global report and six regional reports.
Honda Environmental Annual Report 2014 conveys our global stance on environmental issues, our vision for a better future, and the results of efforts to make our products and business activities more environmentally responsible. The regional reports provide a more indepth look at these activities in each region. By issuing all seven annual reports, we are making an active effort to disclose information on initiatives and results in every corner of world.

Regional unit sales and environmental reports (FY2014)

Latest data as of March 31, 2014

Regional unit sales and environmental reports (FY2014)

*Report covers from 2013 are shown for all regions except Japan. The 2014 editions of these reports will be published soon in 2014.

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