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Third-Party Verification


To disclose environmental impact data in a more transparent and reliable manner to our diverse stakeholders, Honda obtained third-party verification of the following information from Bureau Veritas Japan Co., Ltd.1

〈Organizational scope of verification〉
Environmental impact data from Honda Motor Co., Ltd., and 469 consolidated and affiliated companies in Japan and o verseas.

Environmental impact data verified:
E nergy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, water use, wastewater volume, waste generated, waste recycled, waste directly landfilled, waste sold for reuse,2 atmospheric pollutant emissions (NOx, SOx), VOC emissions,2 PRTR emissions,2 CO2 emissions from product use (scope 3, category 113 )

1. Bureau Veritas Japan Co., Ltd., frequently conducts internal protocol reviews for Honda to ensure that its operations comply with the latest best practices as well as various published standards, including ISO 14064-3, an international standard on greenhouse gas emissions; AA1000, a standard used for auditing of nonfinancial information; the Global Reporting Initiative's G4 sustainability reporting guidelines; and International Standard on Assurance Engagement (ISAE) 3000.
2. Data from Japan only
3. Scope 3, category11 calculations cover the emissions of about 90% of all motorcycles, automobiles, and power products sold worldwide under the Honda brand name. These emissions are calculated using the following formula for each model and adding the results: CO2 emissions × Annual distance traveled (for power equipment: annual usage in hours) × Product lifetime in years × Annual unit sales

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