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Honda Engineering Co., Ltd.Business Administration Division, Facilities Management Department

Layout of water treatment facilities at Honda Engineering

A closed-loop plant accomplished through adopting Honda Engineering’s own innovations.
  After the Honda Engineering’s relocation in 1990, the No. 1 Domestic and Industrial Wastewater Treatment Facilities were built, followed by the No. 2 Domestic and Industrial Wastewater Treatment Facilities, built to accommodate business and workforce expansion. The domestic wastewater treatment facilities were integrated after the Great East Japan Earthquake. Unique technologies developed by Honda Engineering, such as the RO membrane and ozone treatment systems, were later adopted, and in 2010, the closed-loop recycling of plant wastewater was begun for the first time.

Water flow in the closed-loop water recycling system

Honda has set a target to convert all plants to closed-loop systems by 2030.
How should Honda use, allocate, and treat water to get the most out of this limited resource? Tackling this important question early on has allowed Honda Engineering to develop one of the most advanced closed-loop water recycling systems in Japan. Honda Engineering will continue its effort to be a company society wants to exist by expanding this system to all Honda plants in Japan and overseas.
Notes (1), (2), (3): See Episode 3 for details

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