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What is Honda aiming to achieve with "Earth Dreams Technology"?

Earth Dreams Technology—technologies that transmit dreams from engineer to driver.

Earth Dreams Technology—technologies that transmit dreams from engineer to driver.

The interview so far has shed light on what Earth Dreams Technology is and what specific benefits it will bring to users. Let's now wrap up our interview by asking the engineers what their hopes are for improving and expanding Earth Dreams Technology in the future.

Kawabata Before we end, I would like each of you to tell me how you want to improve or expand Earth Dreams Technology going forward.

Otsu From my own work experience, I've thought of Earth Dreams Technology as the pursuit of making the most efficient engine for each generation. I'd like to continue with that mindset.

Yamano I think Earth Dreams Technology is the spirit of challenging yourself. Introducing our own diesel engine in Europe where competition is the most intense is nothing short of a challenge. We still need to expand the application of our new 1.6 L engine and make further improvements, so the challenge continues.

Wakamatsu To me, Earth Dreams Technology is the "drama of life" as an engineer. Everything I've wanted to do or should do as an engineer I want to send off to the world in the form of Earth Dreams Technology. And I want to do all of this while working with our young associates. That's all.

Hasegawa A car is a tool, but it is also something that adds joy and meaning to people's lives. And it's not just design; technology does this too. We can evaluate the usefulness of cars as tools using simple measurements like fuel economy, but we also want to provide meaning and joy, and Earth Dreams Technology is an expression of that desire in words. The words are perhaps too abstract, but I'd like to use this as the measuring stick for my work.

Ishibashi I interpret "Earth Dreams" quite literally. What I mean is, when we were deciding on a name, there was a moment where asked myself, "Is this name really okay?" And then I thought, "If the Earth had something like a heart or had feelings, what would make the Earth happy? What is Earth's dream?" I thought, "If all of the people and animals that live on Earth lived happily and comfortably, that would make Earth very happy." In other words, I think we can say that the Earth dreams of having this engine, this power plant series, which feels good because it's better for the environment and is also fun to drive. So I submitted the proposal with more confidence in my decision.
  And lastly, hearing from all of the general managers today, I realized that Earth Dreams Technology is in perfect agreement with our Company Principle, which says, "Maintaining a global viewpoint, we are dedicated to supplying products of the highest quality, yet at a reasonable price for worldwide customer satisfaction." If you summarize what everyone said today, Earth Dreams Technology is about challenge ourselves to make quality products that satisfy the Earth and our customers. That's same as the Company Principle. In other words, you've confirmed my opinion that it's the perfect name.

Kawabata Thank you for your time.

Closing statement

"Worldwide customer satisfaction," as stated in the Honda Company Principle, is all about delivering "dreams" to customers around the world. Put another way, the Honda Company Principle means, "let the fruits of our labor inspire people to dream." We hope you sensed from reading this interview that Earth Dreams Technology is not just a set of cutting-edge environmental technologies that will power the next generation of Honda products, but it is also a means of communicating the dreams of us at Honda to the people who use our products, so they can dream as well.

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