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Environment & Safety Planning Office, Honda Motor Co., Ltd.Scope 3 Project

Emissions from Honda operations: Conceptual projection

We will do our best to reduce total GHG emissions at Honda.

"We will do our best to reduce total GHG emissions at Honda."

Future initiatives to reduce total emissions

What can Honda do to reduce its scope 3, category 11 emissions?

Masui To reduce GHG emissions from product use, we have to improve the fuel efficiency of our products. Not surprisingly, for an automaker these emissions have the greatest impact on the global environment.

Ijima Honda set a 2020 target to reduce global average product CO2 emissions by 30% from 2000. To achieve this target we will improve the fuel efficiencies of products year after year, but during this time we still expect Honda's scope 3, category 11 emissions to continue growing. Production growth, which follows global economic growth, particularly in Asia, is occurring at a faster rate than improvements in fuel efficiency, so the net effect will be an increase in GHG emissions.
 Still, at some point we need to turn this growth curve around. Honda's vision is to reach a point where total emissions from product use are declining even as production is expanding. We've been doing our own simulations to determine when that will be. We hope to come up with some reliable data as soon as possible so we can announce our findings.

Kimura To achieve that turnaround, Honda set its own standards called the Honda Environmental Performance Standards (HEPS). The goal is to eventually reduce environmental impacts to zero, an initiative we call Triple Zero. Along with HEPS we developed scenarios that represent the steps we plan to take in reducing GHG emissions by complying with the standards, including improving product fuel efficiencies and increasing use of renewable energy.

Lastly, what is Honda's strategy for future initiatives?

Shina Our plan for reducing emissions is of course to focus on scope 3, category 11, which has the largest impact on the global environment. But we will also reduce all other impacts that we are capable of reducing, regardless of size. We think that's the responsible attitude to take as a corporate citizen.
 Right now, estimates still make up a large portion of the data representing emissions from sources outside scope 3, category 11, so we need to increase the precision of our measurements going forward. Our policy will be to measure and manage GHG emissions across the value chain and develop and implement reduction strategies. We will then increase the precision of our measurements and achieve further reductions. We will implement this cycle in all areas of our operations.

Methods used to calculate emissions from product use (example from Japan)

Methods used to calculate emissions from product use (example from Japan)

※Honda calculates GHG emissions from product use not only in Japan but globally using methods similar to those shown above.
※The calculations are made to account for at least 90% of global Honda sales volume.

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