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Motorcycle R&D Center, Honda R&D Co., Ltd.New Mid Concept Series Development Project

Key technologies that contributed to a 30% cost reduction

●Better production methods
 Production of the front and rear brake discs offers one example of innovation applied to cost reduction, another major objective in New Mid Concept development. A new production method that extracts both the front and rear brake discs from the same sheet of stainless steel ●boosts efficiency by producing two parts in one step ●onserves resources by using materials more efficiently.
Better production methods

Reliable power at everyday speeds and a timely improvement in convenience

●Power performance same or better at everyday speeds
 There is no point in a fuel-efficient motorcycle if it's not fun to ride. The key, then, is to increase efficiency by slightly reducing the maximum speed and horsepower at speeds not used on a day-to-day basis while retaining at everyday speeds a power performance that is at least equivalent to that of motorcycles in the same class. This posed the greatest challenge for the development team.
 According to Aoki, "At speeds up to 130 km/h, New Mid Concept motorcycle have an acceleration performance that rivals all other mid-size bikes."
Enough storage space for a full-face helmet
●Enough storage space for a full-face helmet

 Best-in-class fuel performance opens up other possibilities, such as the ability to travel the same distance on a smaller fuel tank. Taking advantage of this, developers moved the fuel tank under the seat and in its place installed a storage space that can fit a full-face helmet (in NC700X and NC700S models).

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