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Spare Parts Supply Division, Customer Service Operations, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. and Japan Metals & Chemicals Co., Ltd.

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High-strength even though it is thin. With the heat treatment after molding, Honda achieved five times the strength of mild steel sheet.

 Honda collects IMA batteries from across Japanand overseas, and delivers about 1,000 each month to Japan Metals & Chemicals Co.’s Oguni Works. The batteries are dismantled into modules that are calcinated, pulverized, and put through an acid–reduction process for separation into iron scrap, a material containing nickel and cobalt, and a material containing rare earths.
 The iron scrap is recycled into steel material that contains iron and manganese.
 The material containing nickel and cobalt is processed into a nickel-cobalt alloy through a reduction reaction. The material containing rare earths is processed into a rare earth alloy (rare earth metals) using fused salt electrolysis. The NiCo alloy and rare earth metals are planned to be used as materials for battery electrodes.

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