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Low Pressure Die Cast & Ferrous Casting Department, Suzuka Factory, Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Problems with gas burner preheating

 In the low pressure die casting (LPDC) process, a liquefied natural gas (LNG) burner is used to raise and maintain the temperature of the die. However, it became clear that this method loses great amounts of energy.

Characteristics of electric heater preheating

 Electric heater preheating uses a closed thermal insulation system to maintain the heat of the die in a completely closed state, preventing heat dissipation. Additionally, the upper die heater prevents heat dissipation through a combination of insulation board and the heater, promoting a better increase in temperature. For the lower die heater, to improve thermal conductivity, we made a compact heater in the shape of the die and a heater in the shape of the gate. At the prototype stage, these parts were made by hand.

Effects of electric heater preheating

 As shown by the above graph, using electric heaters reduces annual CO2 emissions by more than 90% compared with using LNG burners. Moreover, it is relatively easy to apply this technology at other plants. Its use throughout Honda will result in a CO2 emission reduction of more than 2,000 tons per year. The project will now examine the use of electric heaters to heat dies that have cooled to room temperature during the weekend plant closures. The ability to achieve quick heating after dies have been exchanged is also a future issue for electric heaters.

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