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Human Resources Division, Business Support Operations, Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Special Prize for an Environmental Campaign from the Honda Innovative Ideas Convention

Takashi Shinotani,

Producing the grease sampling cleaning box

Takashi Shinotani,
Welding Department, Stamping and Welding Plant, Saitama Factory

 To confirm that there are no problems with robots being used in the welding process, grease is sampled on a regular basis and the concentration of iron powder is measured. In the past, the grease that sticks to the sampling cases was cleaned by wiping it off with shop rags. However this method scratches the cases, so they could only be cleaned two or three times. This led to the idea of making a cleaning box by hand and injecting cleaning fluid into the box to clean the cases.

 Using this method, the cases can be cleaned without soiling hands, and it reduces CO2 emissions by about 50 kilograms a year.

Tatsuya Saito,

Reducing stamping frequency

Tatsuya Saito,
Stamping Department, Stamping and Welding Plant, Saitama Factory

 I noticed a bit of waste in the process of bundling sheets delivered by steel companies. We have to carefully bundle the steel sheets and send them to each production line, or they can become scratched or damaged and lose quality. I noticed that even though some of the sheets are several times heavier than the others, we were stamping them all (sheet alignment) two sheets at a time. So we looked into changing the number to five or 10 sheets at a time, depending on the sheet weight, boosting efficiency.

 Using this method, the number of stampings was reduced from about two million to around 800,000 per year, cutting CO2 emissions by approximately one ton per year.

Kenta Toyomaki,

Reducing the amount of air used by cleaning machines

Kenta Toyomaki,
Aluminum Machining Department, Transmission Plant, Hamamatsu Factory

 We use high pressure air in washing and draining transmission cases that have been machined. At the new transmission plant, these works use two million cubic meters of air per year. My efforts started from the desire to reduce this air use, even slightly. I thought it was strange that I could hear the sound of rushing air even when the cases were not being cleaned. I then thought of a mechanism that turns off the air when it is not being used for cleaning.

 This proposal resulted in reducing CO2 emissions by about 17 tons per year.

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