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Body Die & Molding Engineering Division, Honda Engineering Co., Ltd.

Point (1)
Wide-ranging work of Purchasing Operations

 Honda motorcycles, automobiles and power products each comprise large numbers of parts. Many parts are manufactured by external suppliers, and purchased by Honda. The majority of parts (tens of thousands) in completed automobiles are bought from outside the company, and the Purchasing Operations is responsible for their procurement.

Point (2)
Honda is working toward a low-carbon society worldwide, under the Green Purchasing Guidelines.

 Amid the global development of Honda parts procurement, the Green Purchasing Guidelines, revised in 2011, address our suppliers worldwide who are responsible for the materials and parts in Honda products. The Guidelines are aimed at understanding and reducing environmental impacts not only from primary suppliers, but through the entire supply chain. We are sharing the Guidelines with domestic and foreign suppliers step-by-step to advance efforts toward realizing a low-carbon society worldwide.

Point (3)
Improving the QCDDE of parts and reducing environmental impacts together with suppliers

 The Purchasing Operations is working to further evolve parts QCDDE with the purchasing philosophy of “the continuous, timely procurement of highquality goods at reasonable prices.” QCDDE refers to Quality, Cost, Delivery, Development and the Environment. Honda is working together with our suppliers to reduce environmental impacts, so we can provide customers with products that have a small environmental footprint throughout their product life cycles.

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