RC213V-S Design

RC213V-S DesignPhotographer

Honda's new challenge to create a street-legal version of its RC213V MotoGP machine led to the birth of the very special RC213V-S.
Photographer TOSHI HIRAKAWA captures the beauty of the RC213V-S, the "Absolute MotoGP Machine for the Street."

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"It's one of the finest Japanese machines. Its color is reminiscent of traditional Japanese lacquer ware.
And, the photographs were taken by a Japanese photographer. That's why the concept, and title, is 'Japan.'"
(TOSHI HIRAKAWA - photographer)

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A self-taught photographer since his schooling years, TOSHI HIRAKAWA also pursued the art of flower arrangement, producing numerous images with artist and flower themes. His craftsmanship in graphical photography is widening his span of work, from beauty, to objects. His experiences from working in Toronto and New York have nurtured his distinct, Japonesque style.

Shooting Scene

"My first impression of the RC213V-S was Japanese traditional craft, and an athlete.
The color scheme like Japanese lacquerware handed down through the generations, and a supple, strong form like an athlete.
Its presence and masculinity are worthy of a machine that represents Japan.

During the photo shoot, the awe of the RC213V-S was so intense, I had forgotten to breathe. I believe the intensity of its designers were reflected in its design."

Lighting to accentuate the side cowl's red circle

Emphasizing the metallic blue line which creates a striking contrast to the vivid red body

Angle focusing on the beauty of the front fairing’s color balance, emphasizing the sole symmetric aspect of the machine

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