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  • Design Bridging Tradition and Future
    Design Bridging Tradition and Future
    Honda has updated its Designers Talk site with “Design Bridging Tradition and Future,” a dialogue between the CRF1000L Africa Twin’s coloring and graphics designer and the “san grams” tea brand’s art director.
  • YUKIOS e!
    YUKIOS e!
    Honda has added to its Designers Talk site “Yukios e!,” capturing the designer’s thoughts and passions behind Honda's compact, electric-powered blade snow thrower “Yukios e!”
  • The Joy of Designing Machines
    The Joy of Designing Machines
    Honda has added to its Designers Talk site “The Joy of Designing Machines,” providing a rare insight into the design concepts of the BF Series outboard engines, by the Honda power products designers.
  • Designing the CTX concept
    Designing the CTX concept
    Honda Design applied the "Horizontal-Line Styling" to the CTX Concept, actualizing an entirely unique cruiser. What is the "Horizontal-Line Styling?" What does the design express?
  • Exciting H Design!!! begins with New Fit
    Exciting H Design!!! begins with New Fit
    Six years since its second-generation, the next generation Fit is finally unveiled with a newly designed engine. Yoshitaka Kitajima, Fit's Interior Designer, and Jun Murakawa, Exterior Designer, describe how the new Fit signifies Honda's new design philosophy.
  • Honda Design Challenges
    Honda Design Challenges
    After half a century of building cars, where will Honda lead its automobile design? Designer Kenmei Nagaoka looks back with the general manager of Honda’s Automobile Design Studio, Yoshikazu Kigoshi, at Honda’s designs from the past, for hints to the future.
  • 42nd Tokyo Motor Show 2011 Special
    42nd Tokyo Motor Show 2011 Special
    What makes people feel good? How are Honda designers answering this question today?
  • The New European Civic
    The New European Civic
    "Sporty Design"Redefined: ingraining Japanese hospitality and ingenuity into the fabric of daily life
    The fundamental value associated with mobility in a tool deeply ingrained within the fabric of daily life. Key design team members reveal the thoughts and aspirations that drove the design of the New Civic.
  • BRIO
    Introducing the most recent embodiment of Honda's ideal small car: the Brio—an entry-level vehicle conceived specially for Asian customers. The natural evolution of the Honda principle "Man maximum, mechanism minimum", the Brio is a compact car made to handle the city featuring a dynamic exterior and with an interior design that offers a surprising amount of physical and psychological space.
  • GL1800
    When you look at the design of the new GL1800, what sort of ride do you imagine? Surely anyone who has owned a GL Series bike will immediately get the picture, even though the bike may appear unexpectedly large to those who have never had the pleasure. And anyone who rides it once is in for a refreshing surprise.
  • CBR250R
    To become one with the motorcycle, which handles perfectly, seeming to read the rider's mind…. To forget the presence of the bike and become completely absorbed in the forward motion…. Super sport bikes like the CBR1000RR—Honda's flagship sport bike—offer the fundamental performance characteristics that make this experience possible.
  • CB1100
    The history of Honda's motorcycles began 60 years ago, as did the history of Honda's pursuit of ultimate motorcycle performance. Striving to maximize both speed and rider comfort.
  • CR-Z
    The goal: To create a hybrid vehicle like none other before—creating new value and new kind of driving excitement. The designers of the exterior and the interior of the CR-Z reveal the thought processes that helped create a completely new kind of hybrid driving enjoyment.
  • PCX
    Different countries have different cultures and lifestyles, so naturally the popularity of motorcycle models varies by country too. For example, automatic transmission scooters, ideal for quick city trips and commuting, have long been popular in Europe.
  • Insight
    In designing the all-new Insight, we faced a challenge. Going beyond the pure aerodynamic and environmental performance of the original Insight, we needed to create a high-utility interior that makes hybrid technology accessible for enjoyable, everyday driving.
  • Tokyo Motor Show 2009
    Tokyo Motor Show 2009
    Designers of Honda automobiles, motorcycles and power products are working together to envision the future. Here they reveal the thinking that went into the concept models they created.
  • Gas power farm tractor Pianta
    Gas power farm tractor Pianta
    Taking the best technology to create new tools that are not only useful but also appealing on an emotional level—this has been Honda's intention and policy whenever it creates original power products.
  • V4 Concept
    V4 Concept
    Introduced at INTERMOT Cologne 2008, the V4 Concept featured an ultra-sleek engine and wheels that, although absract and thus nonfunctional are more than mere objets d'art.

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