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Bringing the appeal of aggressive super sport bike design and the freedom of riding to as many riders around the world as possible

Multiple cowls team up to create a variety of expressions

In designing a cowl—one of the most important elements of motorcycle styling—Honda designers aim for a shape that is immediately recognizable as coming from Honda. Our bikes' various features may look impressive, but we always design them for performance, not for decoration. The fact that the CBR250R visually fits right in with the rest of the CBR series is thanks to this policy.

Everyone understands that it's easier to set in motion a light object than a heavy object. Since lightness is essential to performance in any sport, lightness is also essential in the design of the equipment for any sport. For this reason, we designed the cowl of the CBR250R not as a single unit but as a combination of parts, each with its own special function. These parts come together in a compact whole with a nimble appearance appropriate to a sport bike. This multilayered design gives the CBR250R a variety of expressions, as well as an exciting style that stirs the emotions every time one looks at it.

Our goal was not just to give our bike the kind of extreme aerodynamics that maximize its speed on the circuit or let it breeze along the Autobahn at 200 km/h. To give the rider a pleasant breeze imparting the feeling of speed, we used a wind tunnel to research how wind interrelates with the motorcycle and the upper body of the rider, feeding the data we obtained back into our design. The ducts on the side of the cowl allow air to pass through, reducing air resistance when the bike is banking and enhancing handling during changes of direction. In every way, the goal is to enhance the pleasure of the experience and let the rider enjoy riding to the fullest.

The middle cowl is characterized by its simplicity of form and smoothness. Its role is to protect the rider from the wind, preventing too much from reaching the lower half of his or her body. The lower cowl is an aerodynamic functional part that sends air toward the engine and exhaust pipe to help stabilize performance. The conventional approach would be to design the middle and lower cowls as single unit, yet the use of separate parts allows for distinct functions and an appearance that truly stands out.

The ducts on the side of the cowl allow air to pass through, enhancing handling during changes of direction and riding pleasure

Characterized by its smoothness, the middle cowl protects the rider from the wind, preventing too much from reaching the lower half of his or her body

Letting riders express themselves through color

We paid even more attention to the coloring of the CBR250R than we have with previous models. Although the basic design remains the same, we took the additional step of offering two different color schemes to appeal to different regions of the world. For European riders who crave the aggressive spirit of the CBR lineage,

we have a sporty tricolor scheme. For Asian riders who wish to emphasize the status of owning a sport bike, we have a chic monotone scheme. In either case, a selection of distinctive colors gives riders a wide opportunity for self-expression.

Helping as many riders as possible experience the fun of a super sport bike

Over the years, Honda has created many motorcycles, but one thing we never forget is to make our bikes fun to ride. Our super sport bikes symbolize fun-to-ride performance, and we are very happy that, with the CBR250R, we are able to offer the fun, satisfying riding and aggressively appealing design of a super sport bike at a reasonable price to riders everywhere around the world.

The CBR250R a bike designed for Europe and America, where the super sport bike culture has long taken root, as well as for Asia, where many people are just getting to know what a sport bike is.

It's a bike for both men and women, for both veterans who have experienced a wide range of motorcycles and people who are just beginning to explore the world of motorcycles. It's a great motorcycle for riding in town, for touring on the highway and for riding on winding roads in sporty style. We're confident that, wherever they go, riders will greatly enjoy riding the CBR250 and feel pride of ownership for many years to come.

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