TOWNWALKER Wouldn't a ride that's like an easygoing walk make people feel good? Fumiya Isono Styling Design Development Division Power Products R&D Center Honda R&D Co., Ltd.

Fumiya Isono's approach to feel-good design

Honda currently offers the Monpal ML200 electric cart as a town mobility option. It was designed as everyday transportation that offers seniors enhanced comfort and peace of mind. Two things I was going for in the new design were a more open feel and enhanced lightness. My ultimate goal was to create a vehicle that didn't seem too much like a vehicle. I wanted the rider to be able to go out and enjoy a very light and easygoing ride.

Even lighter and more comfortable, 
this vehicle offers easygoing 
transportation around town

One advantage of an EV is its ability to move very stably at slow speeds. An electric cart leverages this advantage and lets the rider travel around town just as if he or she were enjoying an easygoing walk. For additional lightness, TOWNWALKER has an aluminum frame and a hammock-style seat. I was aiming for a design that would look light and feel light to the rider.

Foldable for transport, this electric 
cart offers even more ways to ride 
and enjoy

To further leverage the slenderness and lightness of the design, I considered how to make TOWNWALKER foldable. The steering column and seat can be folded down, making it relatively easy to load TOWNWALKER in a car and transport it. This feature increases the ways in which an electric cart can be used. Like other Honda concept models this year, the user can insert his or her smartphone, and TOWNWALKER has a solar panel to charge it.

TOWNWALKER Concept model Length 1,180㎜ Width 550㎜ Height 910㎜ Wheelbase	890㎜ Exemplifying simplicity and lightness, TOWNWALKER offers all riders town mobility that's easy to enjoy. Using TOWNWALKER is just like taking an easygoing walk.

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