RC-E In the EV era, what kind of motorcycle could be fun? Yutaka Yaegaki Styling Design Development Division Motorcycle R&D Center Honda R&D Co., Ltd.

Yutaka Yaegaki’s approach to feel-good design

What could make an EV motorcycle interesting? I believe it is Honda’s responsibility to answer this question. When a motorcycle runs on the power of electricity, it needs to offer something new to make people feel good. And it is up to us Honda designers to create this new paradigm.

Based on the RC series, this design connects Honda’s origins to the future

The origin of Honda’s super sport bikes is definitely the classic RC series of racing motorcycles. In both styling and coloring, the RC-E takes inspiration from the RC series. The body is compact like that of a 250cc bike, while the torquey but smooth performance it offers goes beyond that class. In sum, the RC-E offers a completely new super sport bike riding experience.

Creating a unique EV layout for feel-good riding

The battery occupies two different positions: where the fuel tank and radiator would traditionally be. The motor is positioned in the middle of the body and is on the same axis as the swing arm pivot for optimal concentration of mechanical elements.

RC-E This EV motorcycle creates new possibilities for riding enjoyment and envisions the future of super sport bikes.

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