MOTOR COMPO Can we make a car that's cute like a home electronics product? Takayuki Yamazaki Styling Design Development Division Motorcycle R&D Center Honda R&D Co., Ltd.

Takayuki Yamazaki's approach to feel-good design

When vehicles become EVs, perhaps they don't need to be vehicles any more. That may sound like a Zen koan, but I was really thinking along these lines. In other words, shouldn't a compact EV be useful even when it's not being used for transportation? It should be compact, chic and cute. One should be able to take it indoors and load it in an automobile. I wondered whether we could create a vehicle that's stylish like a home electronics product.

A vehicle that makes anyone who 
sees it or rides it smile

One potential advantage of an EV is compactness. One can make a vehicle that's small but exciting. The first step is to make it cute. Then it needs to be nimble and go just where the rider wants it to go. That's the kind of vehicle I wanted to create.

More than just transportation, this 
vehicle has a wide variety of fun uses

An EV doesn't need gasoline or oil, so it's easy to bring one indoors. You can also stand it up and store it without worrying about it leaking. Like a digital home electronics product, it can still be useful even when not being used for transportation. Wouldn't a vehicle like that be fun?

This EV bike folds up and can be stored standing up

Being able to fit in an automobile 
means even more fun

Since its steering wheel and steps fold up, the MOTOR COMPO can even fit inside a small car. In fact, it's designed to fit inside the MICRO COMMUTER CONCEPT. Outside, the battery can be removed and used as a portable power source. More than a vehicle, it's a completely new type of appliance.


The removable battery can be used in the MICRO COMMUTER CONCEPT and other vehicles

motor compo Concept model Length 930㎜ Width 489㎜ Height 957㎜ Exciting for everyone and designed to make life convenient and enjoyable, the MOTOR COMPO is the EV commuter of the future. It's a new type of vehicle that is always useful, whether being used for transportation or not.

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