MICRO COMMUTER CONCEPT Can we make a car that's smart like a smartphone? Ryoji Iida Styling Design Development Division Automobile R&D Center Honda R&D Co., Ltd.

Ryoji Iida's approach to feel-good design

This vehicle communicates well with people. Once you've accessed some information and decided you want to do something, it helps you realize that desire right away. In other words, it's a vehicle that's like a smartphone. Plus, the driver can "wear" it just like a comfortable jacket. It's as if a smartphone had become a power suit. Wouldn't a car like that make people feel good?

Even a micro car should have room 
for family and friends

In the EV era, ideas for small commuting automobiles are on the increase. Most of these are for a single occupant, but won't it get a bit lonely in there? After all, communicating with other people is fun. It would be great if a car could have the same micro size as a single-occupant vehicle yet still have room for family and friends. Based on this idea, I created a new type of packaging.

Vehicle length of 2.5 m and 1 + 2 seat layout allow three people* to ride in comfort. *Two adults or one adult and two children under 12

Nimble footwork makes it fun 
to get around the city

To create a commuter that can get around the city with nimble footwork, the wheels are positioned at the very outside corners of the vehicle, while the fender covers help give the exterior design a look of readiness to take off and explore. The interior is functional and simple yet unexpectedly dynamic. People will be surprised how roomy it is when they get in.

A car that people can easily personalize like a smartphone

You can easily change the cover of a smartphone or the sheet inside a tumbler to customize it based on your personal style. I wondered if a car's exterior could be customized just as easily. Simply by sliding graphics sheets into the front, sides and rear, you can personalize this car and make it completely yours.

MICRO COMMUTER CONCEPT Concept model Length 2,500㎜ Width 1,250㎜ Height 1,430㎜ Wheelbase 1,860㎜ This futuristic urban mobile power suit lets the driver

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