EV-STER How about a small and stylish EV sports car? Ryo Sugiura Styling Design Development Division Automobile R&D Center Honda R&D Co., Ltd.

Ryo Sugiura’s approach to feel-good design

When I was told at the R&D Center that I’d be designing a genuine EV sports car, I was overjoyed. I had originally joined Honda with the dream of designing a true small sports car, and many of my colleagues have the same dream. For my design, I wanted to let people experience the fun of a small convertible sports car that’s perfect for the EV era.

The goal: a car that surprises people with just how cool it is

Honda has a history of successful small sports cars and therefore has a wealth of design history to draw upon. Although I wanted to avoid basing my design on nostalgia, I didn’t feel that designing an EV sports meant making everything different from the past, either. Certainly, some things would change while others would not. I wanted this to be a car that would make car lovers smile and make young people who are not yet into cars think, “Wow, a car is a really cool vehicle.” Creating this kind of coolness was my goal.

A convertible with a stylish interior that puts the driver first

Usually, the exterior and interior designs of an automobile are clearly divided and assigned to two different designers, but for the EV-STER there was no such boundary, and both design tasks were combined. After all, the exterior and interior of a convertible are one and the same. With everything focused on the driver, the EV-STER represents a completely new approach to the sports car.

This new three-display interface keeps the driver informed

EV-STER is a next-generation roadster powered by electricity. Based on Honda’s unchanging principles, it shows what a genuine small sports car can be.

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