E-CANOPY Isn't peace of mind something else that makes people feel good? Kenji Tako Styling Design Development Division Motorcycle R&D Center Honda R&D Co., Ltd.

Kenji Tako's approach to feel-good design

A three-wheeled scooter is very stable and easy to ride when fully loaded, so it's been a very popular choice for use in pizza delivery and other commercial applications. Yet the stable riding they offer could offer peace of mind to non-commercial users as well. I thought that a three-wheeled EV scooter would be easy on both the environment and riders and could become a new type of vehicle for commuting.

The large canopy offering high 
visibility lets people ride with peace 
of mind

A canopy lets people ride with peace of mind, even on a rainy day. For the E-CANOPY, I wanted to take the canopy concept to the next level. From head to foot, the clear single-piece canopy blocks wind, rain and dust without obstructing visibility, letting the rider ride with peace of mind.

A friendly design that offers women 
peace of mind, too

A three-wheeled scooter naturally offers peace of mind, so I thought about how to enhance this quality further. For example, positioning the battery low in the vehicle creates a lower center of gravity. In addition, the smooth, curvy design and color of the vehicle reflect women's tastes.

E-CANOPY Concept model Length 1,600㎜  (1,770 mm with box) Width 720㎜ Height 1,680㎜ This three-wheeled next-generation EV commuter is perfect for both business and personal use. It's a vehicle that's easy on the environment and rider alike.

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