AC-X What can we do to make next-generation cruising feel good? Keisuke Nakamura Styling Design Development Division Automobile R&D Center Honda R&D Co., Ltd.

Keisuke Nakamura's approach to feel-good design

In the new era, I think cruising will combine two seemingly opposite qualities: excitement and relaxation. When the driver wants to enjoy driving, he or she should be able to do so to the fullest. When the driver wants to relax, he or she should be able to turn driving over to Auto-Drive Mode. My thought was that people would really feel good if they could experience excitement and relaxation whenever they desire.

Exterior fusing two contrasting values

I wanted the exterior design to reflect the idea of next-generation cruising offering both excitement and relaxation. Fulfilling the concept of dual solid motion, the upper portion of the body has a look of boundless energy and the lower portion has a look of dependable stability. By combining these two areas, I crafted an exterior design that fuses two contrasting values.

Interior design intuitively responding to people’s emotions

I also considered next-generation cruising when designing the interior. When the driver wishes to enjoy driving, he or she controls the vehicle with the twin lever steering column in an environment that supports an exciting experience. When the driver wishes to relax, he or she turns on Auto-Drive Mode. The steering column retracts into the dashboard, and an ottoman appears. At night in particular, the interior illumination is extremely pleasant, supporting a relaxing interior. In this way, I aimed for an interior design that responds to people’s emotions.

An automobile that changes its “expression” to enhance enjoyment of high-speed cruising

I wanted to make the AC-X offer exceptional aerodynamic performance to support comfortable enjoyment of high-speed cruising. For this reason, the front bumper, side skirt and rear diffuser are variable parts that adjust the level of air resistance during cruising. When a certain vehicle speed is reached, these parts lower to enhance aerodynamic performance. In addition, the tires feature aero wheel diffusers that do not revolve, preventing air intake.

AC-X The AC-X is a plug-in hybrid and a next-generation cruiser. It lets people experience feel-good driving to their heart’s content.Concept model Length4,700㎜ Width1,820㎜ Height1,400㎜ Wheelbase2,750㎜

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