Photo 01 Only 20 cm away!


Kohide Nakashima

For an overall silhouette, I wanted to capture an image of the CRF250L in a dignified pose holding its ground. Because I wanted to reproduce a radiance that allowed us to feel the life in it, I set the lighting to get some backlight. I also illuminated the motorcycle from underneath with a fluorescent light to give the impression of the CRF250L itself glowing. The key for these shots was to draw near to the subject. Using a 14-mm, super wide-angle lens, I approached the subject to get as close as 20 cm.

Munehiro Sugimoto

What is noteworthy in the design of the off-road model is the tall height and stout front and rear suspension systems that hold the bike firmly on the ground. Because I believe that longer suspension strokes mean cooler off-road motorcycle looks, I fully agree with this selection of camera angle.


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