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The Japanese Color Design Team were so impressed with the color designs coming out of Thailand that they went over to Thailand to take a closer look

The Color Design Team were staggered by the busy streets filled with pedestrians, motorcycles and cars all jostling for position, and in particular by the number of motorcycles. In Thailand, motorcycle taxis called soi taxis weave in and out of traffic, mothers on motorcycles zip to and fro with their children, and women riding as pillion passengers are a common sight. The motorcycle is indeed a vital component of everyday life in Thailand.

Note:These photographs are used in the context of a report on traffic conditions in Thailand. Honda does not recommend riding motorcycles in this manner.

The streets of Thailand seem to be full of flashy motorcycles.

And there are so many color variations: a businessman in a suit rides a pink bike; a mother carries her children on a bright red bike; a handsome young couple speed by on a bike sporting a psychedelic rainbow color scheme.

The roads are full of people young and old, rich and poor, from a variety of different races and cultures—and they all have their favorite colors.

Thailand is famed as the land of tolerance, a country where individual difference is accepted and embraced.

A new bike culture is developing in Thailand, unlike those of Japan, Europe and the United States.

This sense of fun and freedom has clearly had a major impact on the Color Design Team from Japan.

Thailand is a country enjoying rapid growth, where trends seem to appear and disappear almost overnight. So how does the Design Studio ensure that product development keeps up with the frenetic pace of change?

The Japanese Color Design Team spoke with their counterparts at the Design Studio in Thailand.

Moo is in charge of the Scoopy, marketed as the fashion scooter that leads the way in style on the streets. So he needs to be out and about all the time, monitoring the latest trends about town and finding out what consumers want.

Jee looks after the standard model known as the Click. His job is to evaluate basic consumer expectations and ensure that his findings are faithfully reflected in new scooter designs.

Of course, the designers aren’t simply given free reign—they have to make their own judgments about the general public sentiment, consumer fashion sense and the needs of the marketplace.

The design team in Thailand know that products with creative and interesting designs will not always be commercialized. And they have to continually present their designs to senior management for approval.

Their presentations are enthusiastic and lively affairs involving music and movie—much to the surprise of their Japanese counterparts.

The Thai designers work hard to convince their bosses of the merits of the selected colors and why they believe their designs will appeal to consumers.

In Thailand, the designers themselves have a real sense of presence.

The Japanese Color Design Team had come to Thailand not knowing what to expect. But when they talked with the locals and got out on the streets, the colors and styling all started to make sense.

There are endless variations on motorcycle and scooter designs, from bright flashy colors through to standard base colors. Honda provides a wide range of choices to ensure there is a design style to suit everyone.

This is all part of the Honda commitment to listening to consumers and striving for customer satisfaction.

The Japanese Color Design Team was impressed to find the Honda spirit alive and well in Thailand. Their visit was immensely interesting and rewarding.

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